Connected to a Comenius project with the same title, schools from Ávila in Spain, Klaukkala in Findland and Sheffield in Great Britain will enter the world of legends.

The age old tradition of storytelling is the original way that cultures have passed on cultural heritage from one generation to the next. Tales, legends, folklore and songs convey the essences of a country's history, society, economy, personality. Thus, they are a useful tool to get to know peoples' true national identity, the values that pervade daily life and the archetypes that last among today's European citizens.

'Legends across Europe' will be a valuable theme both from the artistic and the educational point of views.

Their study will involve an interdisciplinary methodology using both English, as communication and publishing language and national languages. Students will study both their own cultural heritage and that of their European partners through the study of legends, which should unlock the key to the origins of their national identities.

We believe that comparing ancient characters with modern counterparts will help break down communication barriers and stereotypes between our 3 partner countries and help to promote peace and a lasting intercultural friendship amongst the students involved.

The whole process should lead to the students gaining deeper knowledge of their own cultural identities, as well as that of 2 other countries.

Students will collaborate via a variety of ICT mediums and face to face contact during project meetings in order to exchange ideas, compare and contrast legends and agree on a modern joint version of their legends which they will act out in a final celebration performance in the UK school.

The performance will be recorded onto DVD and distributed across all 3 school communities to help disseminate their results and findings.

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