ATOM, A Taste for Maths is an etwinning project we have been participating in for the last year. It is a collaborative work where schools from Romania, the Netherlands, Italy, Greece, Czech Republic and us investigated and shared knowledge about Maths connected with our real life: art, music, food.Cuisine has been the common topic to knead our collaborations.
Students in 1st D joined it with the objective of getting to know new ways of learning, living and making friends through ICT tools.
project logo

From the first contcts with the presentations to the last evaluation activity there has been a lot of work classified into:
Logo Contest
Our Team
Cultural Flavours
Spicy Maths Riddles
The ATOM Blog
The Breadcrumbs Trail
Pi(e) Day
A Piece of Pie in...
Fibonacci Poems; A Taste of Bread
Numbers Playground
Maths is around Us
Final Evaluation